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Report on PSUK Training weekend and match versus Wales September 2010

 PSUK Judo were again at Cardiff Wales for the annual fixture against the National Welsh judo team. The new Welsh Judo Centre is a superb facility and PSUK remain grateful the Welsh Judo Association for allowing use of the facilities for this annual event. In previous years the combined services have also entered a team into a three team match, however numbers of players available for the combined services team were a little limited this year, but a couple of their players made a guest appearance in the police team.

The weekend began with a Randori session on the Friday evening, always a popular session, with players being able to compete against opponents from all over the country. This weekend there were officers from WalesScotlandEngland and even Holland, about 80 judoka on the mat for the Friday session.

Saturday began with a 2 hour technical session delivered by Andrew Moshonov (6th Dan), former Russian International team member, technical director of the British Judo Association and arguably one of the finest coaches in the world. PSUK are grateful for Andrew's continued support. After a quick lunch break the team match was begun, and exciting match from start to finish with some very closely fought battles, the Welsh team being eventual winners 6 matches to 5.  Click to view click here to read results

Thanks go to Wendy Allen for refereeing in such a fair and pragmatic manner.

After the team match there was another technical input from Andrew Moshonov, again well received by all present, for those with the energy left there was another randori session with an emphasis on newaza which completed the day. PSUK entertained the Welsh coaches at the holiday on Saturday evening and after a good night's rest, most players were back on the mat for a Dan grading on Sunday morning, running concurrently was a technical session by Craig Ewers, the Welsh National coach (Thanks Craig). The Dan grading was a great success with one player gaining enough points for his 2nd Dan, and was recommended for promotion. Soon after lunchtime, competitors were making their way home, some with 7 and 8 hour drives ahead of them.

A mention must also go to Lauren Slater and Lee Holley who are two of our top police judo players who were unable to attend the weekend, as they were getting married! Congratulations to them both from all at PSUK Judo.

The next events of note are the PSUK National Championships in Aberdeen 2nd October 2010 and the next training weekend, which it is hoped will be in Merseyside in March 2011.

Andy Moss

PSUK Judo secretary and National Police Coach