Upto date news on Coaching within the PSUK and BJA


BJA  Junior Grading Syllabus please see the link below for video demonstrations for all grades red to brown belt . 



 Update following Director Of  Coaches Meeting 9/12/07

Coaching Update

I attended the BJA Area Technical Directors and Technical Directors meeting at Walsaw on Saturday  9th December 2007 and as such I can give you some updates.
Junior Technical Grading System
This is expected to go live in April 2008  certainly for 1st to 9th Mon and hopefully up to 18th Mon, you will have seen the proposed syllabus which I circulated last month, if you for any reason have not had sight of this please drop me an email  and I will send you a copy. As with all new procedures there will be an element of training to operate this, both Coaches ,  BJA and Senior Examiners will be able to examine the new syllabus which will replace the competitive grading system, and be held in the clubs. To that end all coaches and examiners who wish to coach/examine will need to attend training courses these will be organised by BJA areas and National Associations, I shall be organising courses for PSUK where the facilitators will be Andrew Moshinov and Dave Horton - Jones the recently appointed BJA National Dan Grade Registrar, details will appear on this website.  I am attending the BJA Director of Examiners meeting on 5th January 2008 so should have more information then.
BJA Coach Awards
As you know courses for these are no longer being  held as they are to be replaced by UKCC awards at Levels 1.2. and 3, pilot courses  for Level  1 and 2 have been held and it is hoped in the new year to run these as fully accredited  courses   certainly at Level 1, the accreditation for  Levels 2 and 3 are taking  longer. When they eventually do come on line those with existing BJA qualifications will have up to four years to complete the additional   modules which form the UKCC, however this is not going to happen soon, for example the Level 3 UKCC will not be available until at least the end of 2008 there will then be up to four years to complete the modules which will be accessible as revalidation events.  Tutors and assessors for the new awards have been selected by the BJA which has meant that all those such as my self who have been examining coach wards for twenty years are no longer able to to do this, details of courses will appear on the BJA web site, they are very expensive between £250 and £400 for a Level 1 and take a number of weekends to complete depending on the award you wish to take. I am told the cost is so high in order to pay for the tutors/ assessors , the venue, the pack you receive and to register the award.
Revalidation Courses
You will be pleased to hear that PSUK as well as the other BJA areas and National Associations will still be able to license and hold coaching revalidation events this means that our two technical weekends will sremain as revalidation events, in addition we will hold further revalidation events as a service to our members, details will be on the website