Criteria for British Police Judo Police Squad 2015/16

Criteria for Membership of PSUK Judo British Police Squad 2015-16



1)   Gold     Medallist at PSUK National Championships (open categories only not kyu, veteran or master categories) 

 2)        Co opted into squad on the agreement of the PSUK Technical Commission having met one or more of the below required criteria: 

a)         Player has a proven minimum area level contest record of British Judo Association, Welsh Judo Association, Judo Scotland or Northern Ireland Judo Association. 

b)        Player has shown a high level of ability in randori or contest against existing PSUK squad members  

c)         Player has shown a high level of ability in non police contests and not does not fit subsection a or b above.

 d)        The PSUK Judo Technical Commission or PSUK National Judo

Committee having conferred with the PSUK Judo Technical Commission will reserve the right to appoint or remove any player from the PSUK Judo Squad, giving the reason why in writing if required, to the player in question. Membership of the squad shall be reviewed annually by the technical commission, normally in March but maybe reviewed at other times should the business of PSUK Judo require this.

 3)         Squad members are expected to make themselves available (allowing for contingencies of duty) to represent PSUK at events including training camps and team matches. Squad members are expected to be active in competition during their membership of the PSUK Judo squad as such during any calendar year members will participate in a minimum of three open senior competitions reporting their progress to the PSUK Technical Commission. Any squad member unable to comply with this will have their position within the squad reviewed.

 a)       There need be no set number of players per weight category, but

those selected shall be of an attained standard as outlined in the PSUK Judo Squad Criteria.

 b)       Players who are appointed to the squad shall be entitled to wear

on the left breast of their judogi the official PSUK Judo Squad badge.

 c)         Players selected for international team or individual competition may wear the official PSUK Judo international badge on the left breast of their judogi.


Agreed by PSUK Judo Technical Commission      

Chris Hunt Director of Coaching 

Andy Moss National Secretary and National Coach 

Matthew Clempner National Coach 

Darren Dean National Coach


Version 4 dated 8th September 2008